My Bicycle Trip Across Canada: Day 46: Breaking Up in Ottawa

June 12th: Ottawa, ON: rest day

Anarosa woke me up around 10am. Showered and ate breakfast. Anarosa and I went out for the day, first to MEC, then to a bike shop, then to Canadian Tire. After that we got food (Sushi).

At Sushi, we talked about Juliane coming and about our relationship [Juliane was a girl I had seen the previous year in Germany. She was coming to visit, and was going to stay at my place. Obviously Anarosa was not comfortable with this situation. I’m not proud of putting her in that situation]. It was awkward. Afterwards I went to give blood, and when it was done we ran into a traffic jam. Anarosa broke up with me there, which was good [and probably the smartest thing she could do. I don’t think I was the best boyfriend around this time].

Then we went downtown to get me shorts and dinner (Thai food). Went home and watched Firefly and went to sleep.

The following were all taken post-breakup:





[The next day I told Phill that we had broken up that day. He was shocked, as it didn’t seem like we were broken up, and he was upset, because he had asked me not to end the relationship while we were there]


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