Updates from the North

I have been asked by friends to keep them posted on my Whitehorse / Yukon adventures. Here are some highlights:

I have gone for a couple of runs so far in the cold and in the snow. My first run was moderately cold, and during a snow storm (lots of snow, light wind, kind of perfect). I was trying to run to Miles Canyon, which I had mentioned in the other post. However I forgot it got dark so early here, so I had to turn back. As taking pictures while running is not really the thing to do (but then again, neither is drawing / tweeting), I only have one post-run picture:


As you can see, I was living in a Hotel (paid for by my employer) for the first couple of weeks while I was looking for a place to stay.

What better way to rest those muscles / fight the bitter cold than with a natural hot springs dip? Enter Takhini Hot Springs, located about 5km north on the Klondike highway (30km north of Whitehorse):

[the scary-ass hallway that greets you after the change-rooms]

[my Whitehorse hero and friend Julia enjoying the healing waters]

[You can’t have hotsprings without neon. It’s a rule, right?]

[I don’t recall whether we were supposed to be acting a certain way, but everyone in this picture looks silly]


After the hotsprings, it’s has been mostly a blur of cross-country skiing. I officially bought my own pair a week ago. Mount McIntyre Rec Center is so far the best place to go with groomed trails. It’s super close, and home to Olympic winners (or so I’ve been told countless times).

First time:

P1040373[I feel like I’m limited in describing these photos because I don’t want to always say “winter wonderland”…but…when the shoe fits…]

[Mount McIntyre has trails where you can bring your dogs too. Here we have our friend Jess’s dogs with their winter attire: booties!]

P1040390 P1040389
[no big deal… just mountains and dawn/dusk-permanent sun…and valleys…]


At this point, you may be thinking to yourself, “he only has one friend, Julia.” Which is sort of true. ‘Cause when you have a friend like Julia, you kind of don’t need any more. But, being the social butterfly I am, I actually have another Whitehorse friend, whom I met at a cafe because she asked me why I had pink and green nail polish on (the short answer is because I work with girls who like to do their nails…and mine). Anya is from Taiwan and is up here working and saving money to travel the states. Here we are on a night hike, at midnight, and it was way colder than we expected / dressed for:

P1040394 P1040401
[most of the hike was unbelievably beautiful, especially when we got lost in Bert Law Park]

[on our way back when we were buffeted by the full fury of the wind]

Finally, for my updates, I bring you a short trip Julia and I did to Atlin, B.C., which is about 2.5 hours south of Whitehorse. It’s beautiful, and even more beautiful in the summer (I’ve seen pictures).

Here is the cabin we stayed in. This is Julia’s friend whose dog she was looking after while he was away in Central/South America:

P1040444 P1040442
[nothing is cozier than a wood-burning oven]

Of course we went cross-country ski-touring (make your own trail!). The first day was over-cast, so I couldn’t see the mountains Julia told me existed just beyond the fog:

P1040422 P1040439

Our second day, however, was much clearer, and made for a spectacular view of Atlin lake:P1040448

So we decided to stop and have a fire:P1040461

That’s it for now. I promise to keep everyone posted if you’re still interested in life up here 🙂


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28 year old originally from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. H.B.Sc. from UofT with a major in chemistry and a double minor in philosophy and math. M.Sc. from UofT in physiology and neuroscience. Finished my Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at McMaster in the fall of 2013.
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2 Responses to Updates from the North

  1. Dan D says:

    Wow. I love the update! Can’t wait to hear more about it in MEXICO!!!

  2. Fun! Thanks for posting 🙂

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