My Bicycle Trip Across Canada: Day 12: Big Horn Sheep and -5 Celcius Overnight

May 9th: Golden, BC to Field, BC: 60km; hardest climb: 450m

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 4.07.40 PM

Woke up with big horn sheep grazing outside our campsite.


Easy day… Got into Field around 4pm, ate a meal of 4 eggs, bacon, toast, and potatoes.


Went to Truffle Pig restaurant, had Lattes, listened to Tom Waits and talked politics and cultural stuff [I think we talked about the shooting of Trayvon Martin and race politics]


Biked 5km past the campsite, uphill, figured it out, and backtracked.

Brian is camping here!


Made a fire, met an Aussie couple, and really was hoping they would feed us.

[I have several things to add. The thing with the Aussie couple is, they kept asking leading questions, the follow up you would assume would be “well we have lots of food left over”, but they would always cut the conversation short before uttering that sentence. This happened both for dinner and breakfast the next morning. Also: this was probably the coldest night of our trip… a trip we thought would never necessitate anything more than a summer sleeping bag. There was frost on our tent the next morning.]


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28 year old originally from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. H.B.Sc. from UofT with a major in chemistry and a double minor in philosophy and math. M.Sc. from UofT in physiology and neuroscience. Finished my Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at McMaster in the fall of 2013.
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