My Bicycle Trip Across Canada: Day 5: Duffy Lake Road…

May 2nd: Whistler, BC to Duffy Lake Prov. Park, BC: 80km; hardest climb: 1,100m

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 9.41.44 PM

OMG. I can’t believe I wrote “easy day tomorrow.” Today was FUBAR [fucked up beyond all recognition].

Started off nice. Woke up at 7am. Got up, got food, got packed. Easy. Headed out, got some groceries. Ran into some nice folk. They kept asking where we were going. They were amazed we were going up Duffy Lake Road. We thought maybe they didn’t understand what difficult was. We were so wrong.


First 50km we annihilated. Beauty downhills. Going into and exiting Pemberton was flat and boring. Our asses hurt. Stopped at a beautiful lake for a snack before the big climb.


We thought maybe there would only be a couple turns and then the hill would end. No. This fucking thing went on and on and on! It took us four fucking hours. Four hours of non-stop uphill.


I seriously couldn’t believe how long this thing went up. 1,100m!

We hoped the downhill would be amazing, but it has so far been rolling and underwhelming. Still, I think we have 900m more downhill to go.

I stopped around 6pm to look for somewhere to camp. I found a nice place and was wanting to set up camp before it got dark. I thought Phill would see my stuff.


Turns out he passed me. Someone in a pick-up stopped and asked me if everything was alright. I said yes, but to let my friend know where I was. He said he already passed him. So he drove back and got him. Yay!

We set up, had gnocci and tomato sauce for dinner, made a fire, and called it.


Seriously hope tomorrow is easy.

[I recall this night as being one of my favourites: Duffy Lake Rd was so intense and challenging, in retrospect I’m so happy we were able to conquer it; also, that night Phill and I couldn’t stop swapping stories and talking. That night was so cold I’m not sure how much either of us slept]


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