Louis Theroux and the Ultra Zionists


Another great documentary on Jewish illegal settlement of the West Bank in Palestine. This time it’s the loveable Louis Theroux who is visiting settlements and zionist tours, as well as Palestinians who protest or fight for their land. Click on the photo above to go to the vimeo link.

If you haven’t ever check out any Louis Theroux docs, I would highly recommend you do so. As well, if you have not yet had the chance of watching Five Broken Cameras, one of the documentaries nominated for an Oscar this year, please do yourself a favour and watch it as soon as you can, and with friends. Youtube has it for $4.99 or something. The Louis doc actually has him visiting Bil’in, but from the Jewish side. Pretty surreal to have seen it only from the Palestinian side in Five Broken Cameras, and then from the other side in this doc. There’s a funny moment (to me) near the end, where the one zionist points out that Louis is an atheist. Louis says “[yes], it’s very comforting… it’s very comforting to know there’s no one up there looking after me” which is a very tongue in cheek response. It’s at 53mins. The guy responds “you think you came from a monkey?” Zionism and religious fanaticism scare me. I guess what scares me most is such strong belief in dogma… Later, Louis is talking to the one real estate guy (I think he was a real estate agent-type person) and says “you see the enmity between the Arabs and Jews as being in some ways Biblically decreed?” to which the man agrees. Louis asks if he does not believe that he is creating this hostility, or exacerbating it, in order to agree with the literature. The man says “as you pointed out, it exists no matter what. There’s something intrinsic. We’re not creating anything because it exists there,” and Louis says “Or that the literature is wrong.” It’s scary that this man can’t think this way…


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