North Korea’s Concentration Camps and Google Earth


The people over at One Free Korea have a constantly updated section of their website devoted to identifying North Korea’s largest concentration camps:

The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea estimates that North Korea holds approximately 200,000 people in its system of concentration and detention camps, and that 400,000 people have died in these camps from torture, starvation, disease, and execution. These reports, in the context of estimates that North Korea has allowed between 600,000 and 2,500,000 of its people to starve to death while its government squandered the nation’s resources on weapons and luxuries for its ruling elite, suggest that North Korea’s oppression and politically targeted starvation of its people collectively constitute the world’s greatest ongoing atrocity, and almost certainly the most catastrophic anywhere on earth since the end of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979.

They go on to define the various kinds of concentration camps and describe the ones they have been able to identify on Google Earth.

Here’s a particularly chilling fact: “Most of the prisoners are incarcerated for political offenses. Pursuant to Kim Jong Il’s guidance to “root out class enemies for three generations,” family members of persons accused of political crimes are also sent to concentration camps or labor camps.”

Another quote:

Despite reports of the use of an experimental gas chamber and experimentation on human subjects at Camp 22, there is no evidence that the camps engage in industrial-scale extermination operations such as those at Auschwitz. What we know of the camps’ brutal conditions suggest that they are comparable to those in the Nazi camps at Mauthausen and Buchenwald, which largely killed through a combination of exhaustion, disease, starvation, and arbitrary brutality.

I find it interesting that this kind of thing was only discovered throught something like Google earth by an ‘everyday citizen’…although, I think his background is as a former CIA agent…

Be sure to check these out as well: Camp 22 and Defining Genocide Down


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