Lybia, Jeff Scahill, Chomsky and 9/11 Conspiracy

I have absolutely no order to this post, just stuff I wanted to share:

I read (a lot of) this wonderful post over at The Anarcho-Cynicalist, discussing his views on why the US/NATO intervention in Lybia was wrong (written in early April). Check it out here. I thought he brought up some really good points…

Also, here’s a video from that post, it’s an discussion between MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Jeremy Scahill, an investigative journalist. I liked it (except for when Schultz starts yelling “MY PRESIDENT? MY PRESIDENT? IS HE NOT YOUR PRESIDENT?”. Check it out:

Here are some more videos with Scahill:

Osama Bin Laden’s death, and the US’s involvement in the middle east. He discusses US involvement in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan that, I must admit, I know nothing about.

Ah, but here he is again talking about Yemen:

Aaaand somehow I came upon this wonderful Chomsky quote about 9/11 conspiracy theorists:

“People always ask, “What can I do?” And then they say, here’s something I can do. I can become a qualified civil engineer in an hour, and prove that Bush blew up the World Trade Center. I’m pretty sure that in Washington they must be clapping. A couple of years ago, I came across a Pentagon document that was about declassification procedures. Among other things, it proposed that the government should periodically declassify information about the Kennedy assassination. Let people trace whether Kennedy was killed by the mafia, so activists will go off on a wild goose chase instead of pursuing real problems or getting organized. It wouldn’t shock me if thirty years from now we discover in the declassified record that the 9/11 [conspiracy] industry was also being fed by the [Bush] administration.”[69]


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One Response to Lybia, Jeff Scahill, Chomsky and 9/11 Conspiracy

  1. mikes says:

    i just noticed your bio says you’re originally from toronto. ashamed of barrie are we?

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