My Failed Novel: Fifth Episode


It began on the couch. I had wanted you since you stepped off the bus. I couldn’t think, couldn’t concentrate on the normal social play and dance that fills the time between our fucking. You were fun, positive, full of life…but truth be told, near the end, all I ever wanted to do was have my way with your body. The way my fingers rounded the bottom of your soft cheeks, to open your pussy and feel your wetness. I loved the feeling of it, the taste on my lips and tongue. God I loved that ass. I played with it so much you must have thought I believed it to be a stubborn magical lamp, whose genie refused to come out unless his home was molested at all times of the day: by being spanked, fondled, molded, stretched, kissed, bitten, kissed, explored and abused.

I can’t remember what we were doing before it began, maybe listening to Rumours? You would never initiate sex. I wasn’t used to this. All the other girls I dated would initiate it. This, this confused me. I had to man up, be the alpha male and…what? turn you on somehow? I didn’t know how to do that. I hadn’t been trained. I was a thirty year old, pampered when it came to starting a love-session. It probably started the same way it always does: me leaning in for a kiss, holding your neck and stabilizing myself with the other hand. I removed your shirt. You weren’t very fit, but you were still skinny. Your stomach was soft and unfirm. Your breasts are humble sized, fitting perfectly in my hands. While French kissing, I softly played with your tits, gently pinching them with my knuckles, circling your areola with the tips of my fingers. You wrapped your legs around my waste as you moved to lie down. I pushed my raging dick, pushing against my pants, against your cunt. I hated dry humping, but can’t help it sometimes. You removed my shirt…or did I? Sometimes I had to do it, that always irritated me.

The initial promise of an erection in the tub is diminishing…need to speed this up, think of the good stuff.

I placed my hand under your pants, under your underwear, feel your pubic hair and make my way, past your clit, and feel your wet labia. I take my hand out and undo your pants; remove them, followed by your undies.

The stiffness returns to my dick in the tub. Cold water be damned, I’m gonna make this happen.

I suck on my middle and ring finger, then make circles around the opening of your cunt. I enter. You arc your back. God damnit I loved it when you arced your back. You closed your eyes and moaned. I removed my fingers and rubbed your clit. I love eating your out, so I rotate you and get on my knees. Your legs are spread and I’m facing your cunt, your hand in my hair, smiling down at me. My erection is aching, pushing against my pants. I readjust.

I’m starting to stroke my semi-stiff dick, squeezing some shampoo into my palm.

I’m softly licking at your clit, kissing it and sucking. I’ve know to start nice and slow. Gentle kisses are followed by putting my fingers in your cunt. I try to time my tongue flicks with the movement of my hand. I listen to your moans, read your body language. I start to go faster, alternating between making circles around your clit, flicking my tongue against it, or shaking my head back and forth with my whole tongue against your tip of your pussy.

I’m creating bubbles in the tub, my dick having achieved full erection status, my head pushed back, closing my eyes and spitting out water when it splashes against my face.

You come, holding my head, mouth agape, against your lips. As you spasm, I gently lap and play with your opening. I wipe my mouth against my arm (unromantic, I know, but you’re not really the kind of girl who likes to taste her juice). I lay down on the ground. You begin to undo my pants. I move further from the couch, using my elbows to crawl backwards. My dick is like an excited puppy, springing out of its cage. You get a hold of it, and tease me with soft kisses. You move down to the bottom of the shaft, look up with your gorgeous blue eyes, open your mouth and move lick my dick from base to tip, giving a quick suck when you get to the head.

I’ve begun to slow down my rhythm in the tub, waves have formed and I’m getting close. I want to make this last till the end of the memory.

You take my dick in one hand, and cup my balls with the other, carefully balancing yourself as you descend on it. You give decent head. You know well enough not to pull like it’s a race. You stroke my shaft and suck on my dick with pleasure. I want in your cunt so bad I have to pull you off, pull you on top. You ready my dick and put it in. My mind expands. This is the single greatest moment of my thirty year old life. The feeling of your vagina engulfing me is sublime. You’re sitting straight up, riding my dick, our hands holding on one side, your other hand in your hair, and my free hand on your breasts.

I feel like I’m about to fill this tub with cum.

I pull you towards me, kiss you passionately, then prepare to ram you with a ferocity I (hope) you’ve never experienced before. Holding your shoulders and pushing them down, so that I’m forcing your body onto my pulverizing cock. I’m fucking you like a beast, at an incredible speed. One wrong step and I will break my dick. You’re screaming out, holding the ground and curling your fingers and toes. You begin to spasm as I-

I close my eyes, and sink into the water, my hand vigorously stroking my dick-

Pound myself into you, you’re coming-

I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming.

You continue to moan and spasm on my dick, still hard but spent, as I return to a slow thrust. We kiss. You wipe the sweat from my brow and smile. We’re exhausted.

I come up for air, and inspect the damage. There’s come floating in the water, and I’ve even managed to get some on the wall behind my head. Impressive, I think to myself. I consider taking a shower to remove the come water from my body, but decide against it. I want to cry.


About dontdontoperate

28 year old originally from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. H.B.Sc. from UofT with a major in chemistry and a double minor in philosophy and math. M.Sc. from UofT in physiology and neuroscience. Finished my Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at McMaster in the fall of 2013.
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