Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror – John Pilger

Alright! 11 of 13 John Pilger docs down. This one dealt with the war on terror, and like all the other docs, was educational and down right heart wrenching. I’m surprised I haven’t cried during any of these, but I think I’ve come close.

The doc is split into three parts:

Part 1 starts with a story of an Afghan woman who’s house was bombed, killing her six children and her husband. Later, an American woman is introduced, whose brother was killed in the WTC helping a disabled person. She’s upset because his story was used by the government to, as she says, support the killing of innocent people (Afghan and Iraq). The American woman went to Afghanistan to see the devastation her country had done, and meets the Afghan woman. Together they go to the American embassy to ask for compensation for the bombing on the woman’s house. 😦

Pilger then goes on to say how only 3% of foreign aid to Afghanistan has gone to its reconstruction, 20% of which goes to the government, and as the minister of rural affairs says, none of which goes to the reconstruction (it goes to wages, electricity, etc.).

Finally, part 1 ends by talking about how the overthrow of the Taliban was replaced by warlords, which meant that women’s rights were the same before and after the American intervention. There are then stories of the abuse and rape of women. 😦
John interviews a woman from “The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan”.

Part 2 talks about America’s support of Afghan warlords during the cold war, which ultimately led to the creation of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. A quick history of America’s terrorist activities and support of terrible governments in foreign countries is given, including: Chile, Cambodia, Vietnam (agent orange = WMD), Indonesia and East Timor.

The documentary says how America’s national security has, since 9/11, pretty much stated that it does not care what anyone else says (U.N.), it will do what it wants (global hegemony).

Examples are given of how America has been a safe haven for known torturers, and the doc talks about a school in the state of Georgia that trains soldiers of foreign governments which are known world wide as being terrible regimes.

The doc then talks about Guantanamo, and how Amnesty International has stated that it “[violates] the most basic human rights”.

Part 3 then shifts to Iraq, how the U.S. approved the sales of biological weapons to Suddam Hussein (I didn’t write down the date); how it is estimated that 10,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed from the war; and the doc ends by stating how if America were to be put to the Nuremberg trials, it would be found guilty.


As has been the case for all of these docs, I highly recommend its viewing, and as always, Google video comes to my rescue: full video here.


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