More John Pilger Docs: East Timor, Burma, and Australian Natives

Oh Em Gee. I have been out of the blogging game for a little bit now, and have been meaning to write about 3 John Pilger Docs I watched a while ago. Unfortunately, I’ve waited so long that I kind of forget most of what I learned 😦

Fortunately, I took notes. I will reprint them here unedited: for fun and cause I’m too lazy right now to properly research what they meant:

The first movie I watched was Death of a Nation: East Timor, and can be found directly below:

Here are my notes:
East Timor: invaded by Indonesia in 1975; 200,000 people died, which is a 1/3 of the population; no international intervention due to investments
note: reminded me of Jared Diamonds book “The Third Chimpanze“, about how genocide is a uniquely human trait
Operation Komodo (?)
Western Governments knew of the impending invasion: Henry Ford
1978: Britain sold weapons to Indonesia
1991 Massacre: 400 killed; Timorese demonstration

From what I can remember, I once again felt like complete and utter shit after watching it…but in a good way, as in, I’m happy I’m not ignorant about this anymore.
I’d like to point out that the book “The Third Chimpanzee” is excellent, just like the other Jared Diamond book I read “Guns, Germs and Steel”. Definitely recommend both.

The next movie I watched was Inside Burma: Land of Fear, and can be found here.
Here are my notes:
Isolated for last 34 years
Democracy uprising in 1988: 10,000 killed in matter of days
1962: Ne Win takes over
Suu Kyoi elected as leader
Journalist film crew: “What should we do?” “Keep on filming until they shoot us”

This probably makes no sense, so I’ll see if I can explain some. Ne Win I believe was a general, and he took the country over by force (1962). There was a democracy uprising that failed and many were killed (1988). At one point (1990) they actually held an election and the person who won (Suu Kyoi) the popular vote was immediately put under house arrest (which I believe she is still under). The last two quotes come from the conversation a film crew has while filming the government shoot and kill protestors.

The last movie, which I really should have had up before the 2010 winter olympics started, is titled Welcome To Australia, and can be found here.
Here are my notes:
Australia and Olympics
Natives – life expectancy among lowest on earth (30s and 40s)
Wally McArthur excluded from Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games
1933 – Boys sent off as labourers of sheep farm, girls sent to be trained to become house servants for white middle class homes
1997 – Human Rights Commission acknowledged this
Australia refused to acknowledge
Eddy Gilbert (Runner, Rugby)
Ron Richards (Boxing)
Mal Maninga (Rugby)
Nikky Winmar (Aussie rules)
Evon Gulagon (Tennis)
Jim Murray (Boxer?)
Kathy Freeman (Runner)
Suicide a rampant problem (epidemic)
Eddy Murphy killed by police
Early 19th Century: 22 years: British Army and Aboriginals
20,000 Aborigines died

Oh Christ. Right, so this movie was about the Australian Olympics, and Australia’s ugly history of its treatment of its indigenous people (which makes me think of Canada…but again, I’m pretty ignorant on that issue as well). I feel like a lot of that is self explanatory. The names are of fantastic Australian native athletes that have not been allowed to compete in various events because of the fact that they were native. (Eddy Murphy? Was that the guy’s name?). The last bit I imagine is about when Britain first colonized Australia.

*shakes head*
Well, I’m happy I finally pseudo wrote about those three docs, and will shortly continue to discuss the last few John Pilger Docs I plan on watching.


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