World in Action – The Quiet Mutiny

John Pilger’s first doc (1970), and number 5 of 13 for me, is about Vietnam and the dissatisfaction felt by some of the American soldiers. In his own words: “My first documentary for television was The Quiet Mutiny, made in 1970 for Granada. It was an unusual film, laced with irony and farce, rather like a factual Catch-22, and shot in a gentle, almost lyrical style by George Jesse Turner. The story was something of a scoop: America’s huge army in Vietnam was disintegrating as angry conscripts brought their rebellion at home to the battlefields of Vietnam. The film’s evidence of soldiers shooting their officers and refusing to fight caused a furore among the guardians of official truth. The American ambassador to Britain, Walter Annenberg, a crony of President Richard Nixon, phoned Sir Robert Fraser, director of the Independent Television Authority (ITA). Although he had not seen the film, Sir Robert was apoplectic. Summoning Granada executives, he banged his desk and described me as “a bloody dangerous subversive” who was “anti-American”. This puzzled Lord Bernstein, Granada’s liber tarian founder, who protested that The Quiet Mutiny had received high praise from the public and, far from being anti-American, had shown only sympathy for the despair of young GIs caught up in a hopeless war. When I flew to New York and showed it to Mike Wallace, the star reporter of CBS’s 60 Minutes, he agreed. “Real shame we can’t show it here,” he said.”

Part three seems to be missing 😦 If someone finds it please let me know


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