Flying the Flag – Arming the World

Welcome the world of international arms dealing! Well, specifically about Britain’s sale of weapons to countries all over the world, including ones known for their inhumane practices. This documentary, number 4 in my quest to watch 13 of John Pilger’s excellent docs, is from 1994, and specifically focuses on the U.K. I must say, I was lost a bunch of the times, with some of the interviews and details, but all and all it left me assuredly depressed. It touched on deals to Saudi Arabia, to Indonesia (who used the weapons to attack the people of East Timor, which is coincidentally the focus of the doc after next), to Iraq (gassing the kurds, the gulf war), and Iran (note: there may be more, but I don’t recall). I thought one of the saddest things was when they discussed mines…since I guess the full impact never really sunk in with me: roughly 2000 people a month are maimed/killed (WARNING: GRAPHIC) from them AFTER the war has ended (see the Ottawa Treaty, if you want to feel really good about Canada). Finally, one of the last things that is discussed is nuclear subs (specifically the Trident programme), which, since the end of the cold war, no longer serves its original function, yet money continues to be invested in it. Pilger says that it’s been estimated that this money would be enough to pay for social programs that would effectively eliminate poverty and healthy care problems in the U.K. (how accurate this prediction is I have no idea)…

Video here


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