The Silent Death of Cambodia

Okay, so I’ve finished the first film in my attempt to watch the 12 [edit: there’s 13] movies from the John Pilger DVD Box Set: “Documentaries That Changed The World”. This film is from 1979 and is titled: “Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia”
I don’t have much to say. You could say I’m speechless. The facts and images are frightening, horrifying, terrifying and completely depressing.


[Edit: Ok, so I slept on it, and realized I didn’t describe what this documentary is about. It starts by describing the U.S. bombing of Cambodia by Nixon and Kissinger, where 100,000 tons of bombs were dropped, equivalent to 3 hiroshimas, which ended in 1975. After which, the Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, took over, and imposed a strict and inhumane regime which attempted to be completely self sufficient (the title ‘Year Zero’, comes from the fact that Pol Pot restarted the calender to symbolize this). They burned libraries, schools, destroyed all medicine and hospitals, and created a society without families, learning, holidays, music, money, only “work and death”, for 4 years. Anyways, the last half of the film describes the fact that almost no relief aid was given by the U.N. or other western countries. It’s pretty horrifying because Pilger interviews not only the victims, but also some of the killers who are now prisoners, and the very few doctors who have to deal with the aftermath with almost no medicine or supplies.]

You can watch it here, the run time is approx. 52 minutes.


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