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Lookwell!, a Cancelled TV Pilot Created by Coco, Starring Adam West

This. Show. Is. Brilliant!! Too bad it never got picked up, however, the 22 minutes serves well as a sort of comedy short-film. Advertisements

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The Society for Mutual Autopsy

I’ve been reading the EXCELLENT book ‘Ideas: A History of Thought and Invention from Fire to Freud’ by Peter Watson, and came upon this section where he talks about The Society for Mutual Autopsy. Wikipedia has this to say about … Continue reading

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In Communist Russia, Tetris Rotates You!

I don’t know how to describe this in order for everyone to want to play it, so I’ll just go ahead and ruin the surprise: Here’s a version of tetris, in which when you rotate the piece, the entire screen … Continue reading

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Terrible Movies

Along with my love for cults, I also bare a love for terrible movies. There’s something delightful about a movie that has so awesomely failed at doing anything right. I found this youtube channel that seems to also share my … Continue reading

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I won’t even begin to explain my deep love for all things cultish, religious, new age, superstitious, etc. Beliefs that I view as absurd. However, I would like to share my new found discovery that listening to crack pots talk … Continue reading

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A Reason To Dust Off My Nintendo DS?!

When I graduated from university, I thought I’d spoil myself and get a gift. I decided to get a Nintendo Wii and a Nintendo DS. My thought process was: “well of course they’re going to combine the two for the … Continue reading

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Ummm, levitating frog?!

YES This is not some video from space or something. It is a frog being levitated using a 16 Tesla magnet. I don’t understand the physics behind it…but yeah. There you have it folks. A levitated frog. What more do … Continue reading

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