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My Favourite Trailer

This is an unreleased trailer for the exorcist. It is artistic, minimalistic, and would have been not only confusing but down right horrifying to have seen in the theater. Seeing something like this makes me think that trailers can stand … Continue reading

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The Mpemba Effect: Settling a ~6 Year Old Score

The following is a message I sent my two older sisters, and thought I’d share with you fine folks: “You girls probably don’t remember this, but for some reason I do. About 6 years ago, while we were all gathered … Continue reading

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Sexual Deviance Documentaries (In Order of Increasing Creepiness)

[Edit: upon finishing this post, I found a ‘mini-movie’ on the Ig Nobel prizes, which included a study of sex in an MRI machine. Since it was between two consenting adults, but was being studied (which may be considered deviant … Continue reading

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I just watched this video: and think it has a great message, and wanted to share it. Furthermore, it made me think of Lars von Trier. Lars von Trier, to many, will only be known for making the ‘misogynistic’ film … Continue reading

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Fine. I Admit It: I Think Lady Gaga and Kanye Are Cool

Specifically, I like Kanye because he’s the only rapper that I’ve consistently enjoyed. For one thing, to this day, I will sometimes catch myself singing “Golddigger”. If that’s not an accomplishment in itself, I don’t know what is. I’ve actually … Continue reading

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9/11, and Other Conspiracies

My professor recently told me that he believes the pentagon was hit by a missile. I forget how it came about, but it was related somehow to some off-hand remark I made. To the best of my recollection, I think … Continue reading

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