More Dawkins Interviews

Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker interview.
This interview was really neat, especially for when Pinker talks about evolutionary psychology, and how our intuitions of the world owes a large part to that.
I wish he had talked more about emotions though, like what Antonio Damasio is all about. If I’m not mistaken, his thinking goes as follows: emotions evolved as communication devices in social groups, where they signal to the other individual that, indeed, they are not bluffing, they truly are in love, furious, etc. He further says that, feelings, or the feeling of that emotion, comes after the emotion has started, that our brains are interpreting our emotions and then making us ‘feel’ them. This may have evolved simply because our brains and emotions evolved together such that we could better express our emotions, and better read them in other people. When our reading of other people’s emotions became better and better, we may have started to read our own, and that this became mixed with conscious awareness.

Dawkins and Daniel Dennett
Three things I want to say about this one:
1. I think when Dawkins says “what more could you want”, in reference to being an Atheist and what you get from it, I think he really misses the point about what people get from religion: pure, gorgeous and unconditional love forever.
2. They talk about mortality, but they don’t really give a deep conversation about it
3. A hilariously awkward interaction with Dawkins and the film crew. This alone is worth watching the video (it happens somewhere after 35 minutes or so)
I’m disappointed, though, cause Dennett is one of my favourite thinkers, and he doesn’t really say much in this interview. I wish he had talked more about consciousness and free will 😦


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