I once had a website…

…a few years back I had a website. I think I updated it twice. I’m going to play the part of Jesus and the contents of that website are going to play the part of Lazarus and wordpress will play the part of resurrecting (I have no idea if that makes any coherent sense), VOILA!:

An Open Letter to Martina and Simon:
So my other letter ended abruptly…plus I couldn’t add pictures, but I can on this website/blog of mine. Below you’ll find a lot of repeat with the letter I wrote, but the pictures from the dance party are there. I’m sure you’ll love ’em.
but yeah, I guess the only thing left needing to be said is that I love that we’re pen pals and I think we should keep it up. So, let’s.
Also: \/ TATTOO \/

Also: \/ Paintings \/

Well, I love you guys.

December 6th, 2007
Today I killed 12 chick embryos. Crazy. I was practising taking out their ciliary ganglia. It’s important for my project, since…the presynaptic terminals I’ll be studying come from this ganglia.

I went to dinner with Christina last night after my crazy day (woke up early, went to lab where I watched a dissection and enzyme treatment and such; went to an interview with CAMH for a position where I will tutor clients with schizophrenia and stuff; then headed back to the lab for more learning; then [Mike had an exam yesterday, it was awesome] off to a seminar in neuroscience, then food at home, then Emerge (sic) for volunteering than supper with Christina) and we went to this chinese restaurant and got food.

Oh yeah, so at Emerge (sic), there was this beautiful (like, on the inside….) old woman who had blood ALL down the side of her head. At first I thought “holy shit, crazy lady” but then I talked to her and she was so pleasant and I could see that she was sketching these hyper realistic drawings on this tiny pad of stick-e-notes. And there was this other guy, who…I can’t tell if he’s crazy…or just going through this temporary mental block because of a car crash he had. Anyways, I really liked talking to him because he seemed to really enjoy having someone around to listen. I like that.

OH, here are some pictures from a Primary Colors party I went to…entitled Gym Socks and Lollipops. I can see how people like these things…but they’re are not my scene. Too bad so sad.

the last one is hot…the first one looks like I’m a party hound/dork…no, a frat brother…or something.

Also: \/ PIDGEONS \/

December 1st, 2007
Website’s up.
My master’s: I’ve changed professors, from Dr. Qi Wan to Dr. Elise Stanley. I’m pretty excited. In terms of research, the move will pretty much just mean that instead of working on the post synaptic region I’ll be studying the pre synaptic region. w00t. Oh boy! I can’t wait to patch clamp the livin shit out of those [looks for articles] calyx synapses of the chick ciliary ganglion. I’ve been reading from my new bible: Kandel’s Principles of Neural Science [Yea]. Shit son, that book is massive and drips with uber knowledge.

I just finished reading a book: Jesus
that’s right. I read books about the J man. It’s a historians perspective on Jesus. Kind of like, taking an objective view to the Gospels to try and elucidate what might have actually happened, who J man might’ve actually been and what he wanted to say. Really fantastic book. Really sad though, cause it kind of gives the impression that J man’s entire mission on earth, as he saw it, was that he had the special God given gift to inaugurate the Kingdom of Heaven, on Earth, in his life time. However, since people rejected him, and even his disciples were mostly confused by his teachings, he ultimately felt like he failed, and that’s why it’s uber sad when he gets crucified: the poor fucker just realises: “hey wait, I may have been confused this entire time”
But, it really makes you wonder about his teachings. Like, forgive everyone and if someone insults or hurts you, turn the other cheek. Well shit, yeah, of course, that’s cause the Kingdom of Heaven is coming and we’re all gonna be fucking pals, better get started.
I don’t like how a lot of people kind of, hear of Marx’s beliefs (including myself) and then go on to believe that religion was created to control the masses (which I do not include myself in). Althought it’s believable, and possible, I just don’t think anyone could’ve organized something like that in order to control the, what? the gentile-christians?
And Nietzche’s view, is also possibly too teological. Like, the gentile-christians were resentful of the romans and so they made up a religion where they made themselves happy with being poor because they knew that they would be the ones to reep the rewards in heaven…it just doesn’t sound right either.
I’m lead to believe that the mechanism behind this religion’s fantastic success is kind of an accident. J man comes along, has this mistaken idea, but people reinterpreted it (not consciously, unless they wanted to seperate themselves from the Jews after the first jewish revolt, in order to look good in the eyes of the Romans), it made them happy and whamo: 2000 years of awesome.

For my master’s I’m going to have to start taking on the ascetic ideal. Like, I gotta work hard for this shit. If I do, I can probably gets some bitchin results, and in turn be flippin’ amazing.

Endogenous retroviruses…probably the coolest thing since freedom fries


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